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Shapes kindergarten

Throw a shape party with 2D and 3D shapes! Sorting, classifying and identifying shapes! And you can eat!

Shape Monster Craftivity- too cute!!

Shape Monster Craftivity

Shape monsters---can incorporate shapes, vertices and adjectives all in one. Have the kids create their shape monster then describe it using math vocabulary and afjectives

Pretzels and Gumdrops 3D Geometry Shapes Snack Fun! We had so much fun with this today! I found this idea on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who to credit it to. Let me know if it's you!

My Kindergarten Shapes. Teaching flat and solid shapes in Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten. Math

Colors and Kindergarten

Fill the table with rice. Mix in some non-magnetic plastic beads (such as colorful pony beads), magnetic marbles, and colored metal paper clips. Include a magnet wand for each child. Children explore with the magnets in the sensory table, discovering which items are magnetic and which are not, and using the magnet wands to find buried magnetic treasure.

Sensory Table Ideas - PreKinders

Shape Pizza: Kids make a pizza with shape toppings and then count and record the amount of each. #ece

Shapes Anchor Chart

Growing Kinders: Fun with Shapes with Roger Hargreaves

What Does the Shape Say? Blog post and booklets with FUN plane and solid shape writing activities! $

FREE geometry cards

Geometry Is Magical {Word Wall FREEBIE}

As a kinder and 1st project we read the book The Dot. A cute story about a little girl who discovers art through a simple series of dot paintings. The students were able to paint their own dot, or not-a-dot, with watercolors. This was a nice simple opportunity for students to use paints and learn the expectations for using watercolors. Ask them why brushes don't like bad hair days!

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash

Shape Poems FREEBIE (Can sing to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell)

Bear Color by Shapes

Bear Color by Shapes

Shape Monster, Shape Monster I love You - Mrs. Rings K-Crew Kids Rock!!

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives: 2D Shapes Play-dough Mats FREEBIE & Weekly Plans

*FREE* Marshmallow Shapes! {Shape Building} with printables from Sweet Kindergarten (Dots or gum drops work better than marshmallows.) I'd use this idea and have my students create 3d shapes

*FREE* Marshmallow Shapes! {Shape Building}

Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result!

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