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Twilight Jasmine

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Beaded Foundation Chain Bumps

Crochet Inspirations Newsletter #58: About That Bump in the Chain

Steel crochet hook ready to hoist some seed beads

Sweet the way these crochet BOBBLES are BEADED (coin purse pattern by Crochet- atelier in Ravelry)

Relieve tensions with a soothing Beaded Stress Ball. Squish and roll this beaded ball around in your hands to provide relaxation and quick relief to stress, aching or stiff finger joints. Tiny pressure points of beads have a meditative quality.

Stress Ball :: Beaded Stress Relief Ball pattern

Using a floss threader to add beads to a picot when the crochet hook method doesn't work

These are pink pearls paired with an antique pink shade of cordonnet crochet thread. Satin Pillows Necklace in progress.

Ravelry: Satin Pillow Stitch Necklace pattern by Vashti Braha

Reassembled beadnet dress, 2551-2528 BC Egypt, MFA Boston This was found in a tomb with the scant remains of its owner, an unknown woman. The threads keeping it together had turned to dust long ago but the beads were still in their original arrangement.

turkish crochet by Sylvie

tutoriel - SaPERL’ipopète

Crocheted Hairpin Lace Stole Shawl with Pearls

DIY Crochet cuff.

Receitas de Crochet: Braceletes de crochet

Lacy short rows swirls accented with large seed beads. Ravelry: Slip Swoop Loop (Slip Stitch Crochet) pattern by Vashti Braha

Ravelry: Slip Swoop Loop pattern by Vashti Braha