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I want one of these!!! Giant Sandless Beach Mat. Sand and water are instantly filtered through as soon as they fall on this mat's surface - and it can't re-emerge back through the bottom!

Can open the window and they won't fall out. They stay on the seat if you hit the brakes and they cannot bother you in the front seat....-Smart Harness and Auto Zip Line: "The Auto Zip Line™ is endlessly versatile and can be used between any two fixed points in a vehicle.

I'm going to play the shit out of this game this summer - Imgur

Solar phone-charger for road trips or life in general

Chalkboard contact paper. No need to paint things now. Just slap some of this on there and it’s a chalkboard.

Omagles, most awesome 80s toy EVER!

One of my favorite songs.. Photo of your first dance with lyrics to the song you danced to.