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Vanishing Styrofoam Cup at Steve Spangler Science. Put cup in pie tin full of acetone and it dissolves. Would be great for my solubility lesson for environmental science.

Steve Spangler Science

Hand Over the Reins: Student-Driven Projects. One of my recent classroom adventures proved PBL can be amazingly engaging and effective without being overwhelming. Am I a PBL expert? Absolutely not. Do I strive to implement PBL (or elements thereof) in my classroom to the best of my ability whenever possible? Absolutely! Try it and see how it changes your classroom experiences.

SCIENCE DEMONSTRATION~ Teach how the earth goes around the sun, with a marble in a pie pan!

3 Earth Day Activities that Integrate Math (Blog Post): Forget coloring pages and worksheets on Earth Day, teach kids about the environment with these motivating and engaging activities. Have a trash free lunch picnic, build solar ovens and learn about important environmental issues with a water pollution experiment!

wheat seeds sprout from a straw. Graph growth beside the straw.- would be fun to hang the straws up in different locations and experiment with which location has the fastest growth

The students used their butterfly proboscis (straw) to sip nectar (apple juice) from a flower.

Great video featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy focusing on the Rock Cycle and minerals

Build a Remote Controlled Blimp for less than $13

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Scientific Method - Power Point - Students Notes” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. #FreeLesson #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT # Science www.thebestofteac...

Little Miss Hypothesis - Lessons from the Science Lab: Describing Properties! A "how to" post and freebie!

Use Elmer's glue to demonstrate exoskeleton and molting

MAKE ME A GENIUS~ Great resource for science videos and fun activities for students 1st-7th.

FREE Atmospheric Lesson Ideas~ This atmospheric layer balloon uses both permanent and dry erase markers. There are also links to videos and other great ideas for teaching related concepts. This mom blogger at "CCing it one day at a time..." has lots of other great, creative ideas that can be adapted for classroom use!

Fun strategy for answering textbook questions that gets the kids talking, thinking, and moving AND using a foldable :)

Science Notebooking: Week In Science - Light, Electricity and Magnets

This is very elementary, but... Middle schoolers would still love it! It involves cutting & pasting & coloring!