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Homesick for my birth city Toronto. For Montreal and San Francisco too. Home happy (for now) in Seattle :)

Maple Leaf Gardens - A gem on Carlton in 1934

Brock Ave (Toronto) - February 28, 1999

An estimated 300,000 people jammed the deck of the bridge during a walk to celebrate the 75th anniversary. The weight of the crowd flattened the bridge's curved central span.

The colour of the bridge – "international orange" – was chosen in part for its visibility in fog.

Downtown San Francisco.

What I miss about home is the creative, diverse, unique and amazing artists that have made Toronto their home. The wedding photos depicting weddings in and around Toronto are stunning. Especially one taken in The Guildwood.

love Niagara Falls any time of year--but winter ice and snow make it magical!

Manic coffee in Toronto makes a mean latte. I'm happy anytime I find Intelligentsia coffee on a menu, and the high standard coffee geekery of this place didn't disappoint (overheard, between baristas: "oh, you'll really need to re-steam that; it's too thick.").