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Simple Sesame Noodles. ridiculously easy. throw in some frozen chicken breast. boom.

Adventures in Paradise. ~Photo by Ben Hicks

Great white shark #sharkweek | Smithsonian Ocean Portal © Michael Rutzen

Chain Catshark

A loggerhead heading home for the very first time to the oceans of North Carolina!

Giant Bull Shark

Hammerhead shark, dappled light

Starfish Beach, Grand Cayman


thelovelyseas: schooling hammerhead sharks wolf island by Live_Adventurously1 on Flickr.

Whale with zipper mouth

Angular Roughshark (Oxynotus centrina) …is a species of rough shark found throughout the eastern Atlantic, from Norway all the way down to South Africa. Unlike other rough sharks this species has ridges over its eyes, these ridges extend to knobs which are covered with scales.

I'm all at sea. Where no one can bother me :)

Just add Water ♥


The two-headed bull shark fetus. It's about 8 inches (20 centimeters) from head to head.

Megalodon Teeth Photograph. Fossil shark teeth found in Calvert County, Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay. Choptank Formation, Middle Miocene. Private collection. Prints available.


Great White Shark

Hammerheads off the coast of South Africa ~ photographer Alexander Safonov #sea #ocean

really cool species know as the Thresher shark. They use their whip like tail as a weapon to stun their prey. "alopias macrourus"