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lasagna ain't just for garfield, okay?? also, if you want to contribute to this board, email and we'll add you!! <3

Eggplant lasagna with chopped nut filling

We know we've been posting a lot of lasagna lately, but that's only because it's the best food ever. Try some of this sumptuous Zucchini Lasagna and then tell us it isn't.

LASAGNA!!!!!!! We're total lasagna fiends, and we basically jumped out of our seats for this kind with kale, beluga lentils and carrot.

Sweet-Potato Poblano Lasagna is guaranteed to be your new favorite rich, casserole-style dish.

Vegetable Lasagna Casserole (vegan, GF) Non-traditional veggie lasagna made with a zucchini/carrot 'noodle' & topped with cheese & salsa

Vegan Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna Roll Ups

  • Jo Kell

    Just made some recently...loving the new Tofutti Better Than Ricotta...saves me having to make my own all the time! :)

It's the dish every boy wants to marry and every girl wants to be: VEGAN LASAGNA SOUP!

Spinach Lasagna That'll Rock Your World

Raw Vegan Zucchini, Spinach, Tomato and Pesto Lasagna