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barbie-restaurant in Taiwan "As expected, everything inside is pink – chairs are hot pink and adorned with tutu skirts and red corset lacing, while walls display Barbie illustrations showing off many stylish outfits. There's even a life-size Barbie "box" for customers who want to feel like a real-live doll. Female waitresses are dressed in pink outfits complete with tutus and tiaras. Male servers are dressed to look like Barbie's long-term boyfriend, Ken"

hairy-chest-tie: Perfect for a casual or funny-tie Friday, a great party item and definitely something that rids the guy of the necessity to strip down in order to demonstrate what’s underneath his shirt.

Hairy Chest and Stomach Tie

The 51st State: During the recent Republican primaries, candidate Newt Gingrich was a font of outlandish (he preferred the term “visionary”) lunar ideas. Gingrich is a space enthusiast of the best kind and during a speech in Florida, he promised a U.S. moon base by 2020. Once this lunar outpost had enough residents, Gingrich also claimed it could apply for statehood, under frontiersman laws established during the settling of the American West. Someone should have told Newt that Manifest Destiny