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What to do with raw milk raw when it is about to be (or as it is going) sour.

How to Make Homemade Sour Cream From Raw Milk

Clabbered Milk, A Raw Substitute for buttermilk, yogurt and sour cream

Oh, if our government would quit trying to "protect" us while keeping big business in their pockets. Raw milk in vending machines in Europe!

"... the first law of naturally soured raw milk and cream is 'do not throw it out!'" (WAPF)

101 Uses for soured raw milk

101 Uses For Soured Raw Milk | The Healthy Home Economist

om nom nom - citrusy buttermilk pudding with blueberries! gonna try with coconut palm sugar & sour raw milk & raw heavy cream :) so excited!

What to do with soured raw milk - don't just throw it away! Recipes for yogurt, kefir, waffles, custard pudding along with suggestions for cream cheese, whey and links!

What to do with soured raw milk

sour raw milk cream cheese! (because i NEVER seem to finish a gallon before it clabbers...)

Russian Oladyi: Yogurt Pancakes - trying these, soaking wheat flour tonight with a mix of soured raw milk and vanilla yogurt

Love these blueberry muffins! Great use for raw milk that went past it's prime (sour RAW milk)

Loving and Learning on the High Plains: M is for Muffins

101 Uses for Soured Raw Milk - HandPicked Nation

Too early for Eggnog? I made some last week to use up souring raw milk. It was fantastic! {Raw & Naturally Sweetened} Homemade Eggnog | Neo-Homesteading

Yummy Overnight Pancakes (Use up your Sour Raw Milk)

Yummy Overnight Pancakes (Use up your Sour Raw Milk)