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100 Best YouTube Videos For Science Teachers

Boogie Man Journal: 100 Best YouTube Videos for Science Teachers

what's in a drop of blood? karo-plasma, cinnamon candy-red cells, lima beans- white cells, lentils, platelets

Coloring Book - How blood flows through the heart

Edible model of a bone: Licorice strings are blood vessels. Strawberry jam is the bone marrow. Lady fingers are the spongy bone. Sugar wafers are the compact bone. The tortilla is the membrane covering the bone.

DIY Lung Model - I like that this model uses two balloons instead of just one.

blood model - cool! definitely be a school age experience

activity for force and motion

Iceberg... Nature is the greatest sculptor.

Vinegar-free science fun. A great science, messy experiment for kids. The foam is so cold to touch! Great sensory play and the end of the play you will have a homemade cleaning agent

(Five senses unit idea) Sensory Balloons: dry beans, coffee grounds, hair gel, flour, baby powder, rice, water.

hundreds of cool science experiments.

Great light box how to for tracing images - never thought of this!

this site has lots of experiment ideas/ science... KIDS WILL LOVE THIS

Alka Seltzer Blob Bottles!! - Such a great craft to do with kids! Need: 1 Liter (or any size) bottle, regular water, cooking oil, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer. Pour 3 quarters of a cup of water into the bottle, then fill the bottle the rest of the way up with your cooking oil. Next you want to wait for a little bit or until the water has settled at the bottom of the bottle and the oil at the top of it. Then pick your favorite color and pour about 8 drops of the food coloring into the b...

Kitchen Chemistry: 100 food science experiments