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free pattern : Crochet Penguin Sam and Amy Doll Toy by "DDs Crochet"

毛線教學 之 可愛企鵝先生 SAM 及 AMY 小姐 (數字表織法) @ DD's 毛線玩物約會 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

free pattern : Tree Trunks Elephant pattern by "Pops de Milk"

Sexiest Adventurer in the World!

free pattern : Kirby by Tsukeeno' s - Ravelry

Kirby pattern by Tsukeeno' s

free pattern : Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard by "Choco-Minto"

Free Pattern : Mini Link Amigurumi by "i crochet things"

i crochet things: Free Pattern: Mini Link Amigurumi

free pattern : Pammy the Piglet by NVkatherine - Deviantart

free pattern : Betty the Hippo pattern by Knots of Rainbows - Ravelry

Betty the Hippo pattern by Knots of Rainbows

free pattern : Charlotte the Cat by "NVKatherine"

Charlotte the Cat by NVKatherine

free pattern : The Mellow Mushroom by Alexandra Halsey - Ravelry

The Mellow Mushroom pattern by Alexandra Halsey

free pattern : Toothless by Handmade by Nichole - Ravelry

Toothless pattern by Handmade by Nichole

free pattern : Crochet Donuts Pattern by "Little Things Blogged"

Little Things Blogged: Crochet Donuts Pattern

free pattern : Snap-Apart Olaf Crochet Pattern by "Becky Ann Smith" - Ravelry

Snap-Apart Olaf Crochet Pattern pattern by Becky Ann Smith

free pattern : Crochet Little Twin Stars Kiki Lala Doll by "DDs Crochet"

free pattern : White Blood Cell (Leukocyte) Amigurumi by "DIY Geekery"

White Blood Cell (Leukocyte) Amigurumi

free pattern : Purin Purin artist dog by "DDs Crochet"

Crochet Purin Purin Artist Dog Doll Toy pattern by DDs Crochet

free pattern : Moogle by "Edward Yong" - Ravelry

Moogle Amigurumi Pattern pattern by Edward Yong

free pattern : Super TED by "Tales of Twisted Fibers"

Super TED Free Amigurumi Pattern

free pattern : kawaii polar bear by "Mohumohu"

kawaii polar bear pattern

Free pattern : Betty the Hippo by Knots of Rainbows - Ravelry

Ravelry: Betty the Hippo pattern by Knots of Rainbows

Free pattern : Make this cute crochet tool set for Father's Day by Little things Blogged

Make this cute crochet tool set for Father's Day

free pattern : Studio Ami Pig by "alla about ami'

All About Ami - Studio Ami Pig