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Rooster. It is hard to believe such a remarkable combination of colors exists naturally. I wish I'd designed him!

Fancy. Creamy. – Polish Frizzle Bantam.

Buff-Laced Bantam Polish Eggs, frizzle & smooth, 6+

Fancy. Blue. – Blue Cochins are hardy, friendly, and docile chickens. Cochins also will adapt very easily to confined spaces or open range!

Fancy. Feet. – Booted Bantams are usually friendly and calm. They are good foragers, and are said to do less damage to garden plants because of their heavily feathered feet.

Fancy. Splash. – Splash Polish Roosters are primarily show birds because of their beautiful and unique plummage, especially their fantastic, hat-like or punk hair-like crests.

Fancy. Japanese. (Shamo)

India / etienne roudaut

"I'm priority mail."

The Minnesota Zoo is hand raising a brand new bundle of joy. On July 17th, two endangered Amur Tiger cubs were born to first-time mother Angara and father Molniy after a 105 day gestation period.

Homemade Flea Shampoo: 3 oz glycerine 3 oz dawn dish soap 1 1/2 oz white vinegar 24 1/2 oz water 4 drops lavender essential oil