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Jony Ive designed a camera. You ... can't afford it. The Leica M for [Red]

Harry Winston Opus 9 Two looping chains of diamonds with garnet indicators tell the time, with hours on the left side of the face and minutes on the right

Harry Winston Opus 8 Despite the face's appearance, this is a fully mechanical watch; the LED-style numbers are actually physically raised surfaces

Harry Winston Opus V Minutes are shown on a speedometer-style dial on the left of the face, while the hours are displayed on rotating tumblers aligned with the "needle"

Capitol Hill Residence by Balance Associates Architects

Rock Reach House in the Mojave Desert by o2 Architecture Two minutes after this photo was taken, the pool had completely evaporated.

slurp slurp NOM NOM Cookie Cup SARDI INNOVATION

Outdoor Home #Office by OfficePOD // pinned by @welkerpatrick