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"Silence" art installation by Chiharo Shirotain

Do-Ho Suh is a New York based Korean artist known for finely crafted, large-scale sculptures.

Italian sculptor Aron Demetz teamed up with Korean sculptor Shan Hur. Together they created a fascinating piece of work called ‘The Tainted’. Demetz explores the human figure with his wooden sculptures and shows incredible skills in carving wood. He uses the material to highlight the harmony as well as the conflicts between man and nature. We are especially intrigued by the contrast between the smoothly carved figures and the harshly treated surfaces.

different, yet reminds me of the old Korean market ladies, selling & delivering food...

Vintage Hand Crafted Korean Wedding Dolls by FrmthAttic on Etsy, $15.00

do ho suh’s sculptures are architectural environments, beautifully and meticulously crafted. whether addressing the dynamic of personal space versus public space, or exploring the fine line between strength in numbers and homogeneity, he constructs site-specific installations that question the boundaries of identity.

paper sculpture of noodles crafted by Cheong-ah Hwang (papernoodle) #paper_art #sculptures

Pinafore apron ~ from a Korean site and unfortunately no instructions for making. Will have to try and figure this out ~ Adore the ease in this design.......

"Fashion into Crafts": Lee Hyun-Yi, Lee Hye-Jung, Song Kyung-Ah, and Park Seraand with Traditional Korean Crafts by Kang Hyea-Won for Vogue Korea August 2013

North Korea

North Korea

Gimcheon, South Korea