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Decorative, movable privacy screen. Attach large planter box with climbing flowers. Check out Dieting Digest

I'd love to use this kind of planting on a residential scale. Great way to create an allee or screen while containing the bamboo. Very modern, very cool.

A Crinkle Crankle Wall in Bramfield, Suffolk. The crinkle crankle wall economizes on bricks, despite its sinuous configuration, because it can be made just one brick thin. If a wall this thin were to be made in a straight line, without buttresses, it would easily topple over. The alternate convex & concave curves in the wall provide stability & help it to resist lateral forces. The term is thought to come from Old English meaning zig-zag. Suffolk has twice as many as in the rest of the country.

Crinkle crankle wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Very helpful in choosing plants for landscaping - protractedgarden

Cool use of shutters as privacy fence

Méchant Studio Blog: Patio... il fait chaud !!!!

How to make a rose trellis -- cheap and more attractive than a lot of the ones in stores.

hope and honey: how to make a custom rose trellis

Morning Glory Screen by gardencams: A quiet green space created from a modest balcony! #Garden #Morning_Glory

Experiments with Green Things: Let's see if this works...

Brick, Outdoor Kitchen, Trellis, Contemporary

Great Contemporary Patio

Tile, Fence, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional

Great Contemporary Patio

Japanese gardens - Art of sublime...

Japan | Random Dispatches