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Vonnie Williams-Hudson

Vonnie Williams-Hudson

I love giant antique wall clocks. We need this for the shed out back. !!! We lose so much enjoyable time in our backyard

One of the coolest wall clocks I've seen! Large Vintage Metal Wall Clock 28' X 14.5". $70

fourteen years ago i passed up a chance to buy a clock like this, but in pristine condition. le sigh.


One of these would be really cool in an area where you have a bar and pool table in your home.

DIY: Home clocks. Would change from family to you

Marshall Field's Clock @ State Street :: The Great Clocks Designed by the Firm of Graham, Anderson, Probst and White. The first of the Marshall Field's great clocks and was installed at the corner of Washington and State Streets on November 26, 1897. It soon became Chicago's landmark. Each clock is made of 7¾ tons of cast bronze and hung by ornamental ironwork projected several feet from the building.

Karlsson Mixed Numbers Black Wall clock | | Tick Tock: Clocks that are anything but ordinary

November 22: grateful for the chance to head out when the clock said 2:30 today.

*CO COLA ADVERTISING CLOCK, c. 1893 ~ Coca Cola began advertixing its products on clocks in 1803, when such novelty advertisements were increasingly common. Coke would distribute branded clocks to sellers who bought and sold at leas 100 gallons of Coc Cola syrup peryear. The first clocks were made by Baird Clock Company of Plattsburgh, New York and had big, round faces with Roman numerals.

Steampunk clock - in Caleb's words "Awww, that is the best clock ever!!" Now we need to start collecting cogs and things.

This isn't something I would normally choose, but as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. It's goofy, silly and imaginative, which is why it would be perfect for a children's playroom or family room.

Classic Metal Case Camera Clock (6x6) $ 19 - Heavy metal case. 6'tall x 6" wide x 5" deep. Original classic camera with working clock . Leather strap.

Love old keys! - they can be hung in any room and look great. ZsaZsa Bellagio: Photo

A door knocker in the form of coiled snake about to strike, symbolically protecting against evil.

Boot Antique Door Knocker Recommended by London's Locksmith.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe ~ It's tangy and has a bit of a "bite" to it (but it's not too hot)... Served with some yummy crusty bread cubes, crackers and celery sticks!

Hot Jalapeño Corn Dip - A warm, smoky, creamy dip that is both easy and delicious

Warm crack dip 8oz cream cheese, softened 1 (1oz) package Ranch dressing mix 1 (3oz) bag bacon bits (Oscar Meyer) 2 cup shredded cheddar cheese 16 oz sour cream. bake at 400 covered 25-30min

Hot Corn Dip~ (from Deep South & Trisha Yearwood) ..If you love corn and cheese, you will love this yummy dip and let me warn you - it is purely addictive - the more you eat, the more you want."