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"Swales, for example, are shallow channels dug on the contour of a hillside. They slow down the flow of water during rainstorms, preventing it from eroding the landscape, and giving it time to penetrate the soil. Nutrients, in the form of leaves and seeds, are also caught in the swale, contributing mulch and organic matter to the soil. Fruit trees and other crops established in the swale or on its berm can thrive on the captured water and nutrients."

Green Street in Portland, OR

parking strip portlandia style. landscape design by verdant garden nw.


Rain Garden on Troost by TheTransitCamera, via Flickr

Drainpipe on the Louvre.

Rain Gardens, Stormwater Management, and Drainage Solutions

Dry stream beds are a practical solution to drainage problems. In winter, this meandering, rock-lined channel handles and directs water flow while preventing erosion. When dry in summer it serves as a handsome garden feature.

Rain Garden Update Get Busy Gardening

Rain Garden Update Get Busy Gardening