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Cute boxer puppy/ yea whatever...we got two boxer puppies 10 mths ago and our yard looks like someone is getting ready to plant a garden. OOOOh if I could only catch They would look at me with those beautiful eyes and I would melt like any other time. I am not a very good bad.

Never trust a Boxer puppy enough to leave her by herself.

I found the kids' sidewalk chalk.

Farted ha

Dry ice inside a pumpkin. Add a green glowstick to make it even eerier.

bling my little pony cell phone case

yes please I will take one of these. made from cutlery trays from walmart that were $3 each and then spray painted white and added hooks.

YES. PLEASE.....HONEYMOON. :) The Poseidon Resort in Fiji. You can sleep on the ocean floor, and you even get a button to feed the fishies right outside your window.

How to make a cage for marbles...or other orbs!