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Find out why comments from trailblazing neurosurgeon Ben Carson caused such a stir at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast---and catch his vision for America's future! In this challenging message, he calls for "respectful disagreement"; an end to elitism, historical revisionism, and bigotry; a capitalism that recognizes its moral responsibility to the poor and disabled; and more. Hardcover.

One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

AMEN!!! Leave it to Maxine ... Something to think about with Armed Forces , Memorial Day, Veterans Day

Humor: Sharia-Free Zone — The Patriot Post

Humor: Sharia-Free Zone

A misunderstanding — The Patriot Post

Sochialism — The Patriot Post

Humor: Obama Less Competent — The Patriot Post

Humor: Obama Less Competent

Humor: You Should Pay — The Patriot Post

Humor: You Should Pay

The difference between a statesman, patriot founding father and who is in office now. They continue to trample on the beliefs this country was founded on!

Obamas' changes have hurt our wonderful nation.

The death of America in the making right before our very eyes.

‘We’re Not Going To Sit Around Wait For Congress To Make Laws’: Dictator Obama Working With DHS For Executive Action On Immigration...6/25

Politics « Pat Dollard

"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan

conservative politics - I love, love, love having these conversations with my kid. Then he goes to talk to his instructor to turn in his weeks assignment, at that point I get a call from his teacher. who by the way has a Masters in Education from UVA who gives me an incredible report on her thoughts about my childs mind being so above average. Its proly because he HUGS me a lot and TALK to him a lot. In fact, too much.

Your freedom ends…

Your freedom ends...

Normal day in America-----(to our shame!) Honestly SO sad! The government says that they really care about the the next generation and they are so concerned with saving the environment and certain wildlife, but what about saving the lives of millions of innocent babies????

The Federal Octopus: Federal agencies now exist not for the public good but for their employees’ benefit and Obama’s agenda |