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Such cute pics! I DO wanna hug them

Both of these kitties have heterochromia iridum, a genetic trait in which the eyes are two different colord

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The cat’s expression says it all…

100 years of selective breeding

100 years of selective breeding


People is not so bad after all…


I heard you liked tigers.

10 Dog Breeds Only for Experienced Owners

This story is for my heart, even without words.

Wait Until You See What Happened To These Three...

Doesn't get much cutie than this.

Photo (Britta Nickel)

Here Hon, you got a little wildebeest schmutz on your face.

Cute Overload :D


Harlow e Sage: dois bons amigos - Publistagram

I love dogs.

6 cute and funny dogs.

Have you seen these yet, LOL. The dog thinks he's a cat. theilovedogssite....


The Cute Animal Thread

These pics will make your day. No actually, your whole WEEK! theilovedogssite....