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Everyday Sexy

Always comfortable. Always confident. Perfectly undone.

A wireless bra AND colorful lace? We'll take it. // Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria

Start your morning with prints! // Victoria's Secret Perfect Coverage

Morning blues made better. // Victoria's Secret Front-close Racerback Demi Bra

  • Rachel Mayo

    Whoah! Where did you find a mermaid to start modeling for you??....Oh. Oh wait. That's photoshop. Because... #nothighsallowed

  • Teri Modisette (Indy Ink)

    I know, Rachel. Her thighs are fused together and there's a Photoshop error in the lower left corner. She's probably quite lovely without the alterations.

How can you not get behind this? // Victoria's Secret Cheekini

Try and look away. You won't be able to resist ;) // Victoria's Secret Racerback Demi Bra

Lace with a retro flair. // Victoria's Secret Long Line Demi Bra

What more could we want? // Victoria's Secret Perfect Shape Bra

Always, always, always.