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How to Cover a Tattoo Using Drugstore Makeup 1. Primer 2. Light layer foundation 3. Bright pink eyeshadow or lipstick (pat on) 4. Light hairspray 5. Repeat 3&4 6. Pat-not wipe- on concealer 7. Light hairspray 8. Repeat 6&7 as needed 9. Blend with fingers 10. Light powder #tattoo #coverup #makeup

Create your own secret room by building a fake bookcase on a door. This is a super easy DIY project for non-handy people.

Why Things Fall Down -Gravity for Kids -School Education Video

Art History in a Hurry - Monet My favorite painter, he evokes emotion in me thru his works.

This is a makeup tutorial by Tanya Burr, a former makeup counter salesgirl who has become pretty famous. This tutorial is for Bella Swan's wedding makeup from the movie Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1. It's absolutely goregous and yet understated.

I love the simplicity of SMASH books....I used to do these as a teenager in the old 'scrapbook' brown paper style..and I still love 'smashing'. SMASH Book from K

▶ A Story of Parental Alienation From An Alienated Child's Perspective - YouTube

one, two, three, FOUR, FIVE, six, seven, eight, NINE, TEN, eleven, twelve

DanceSport Makeup Basic ballroom or Latin look

LOVE this sock puppet recreation of "Classic Alice" from our friend Drunk Austen!!!

Isn't She Lovely Cover (CLARA C & Jayesslee Cover). This makes me so happy :)

Officially Missing You - Tamia [Jayesslee cover]. Love both the original and this version.

If guys were like girls... Absolutely adore this video... Funny to see how guys think girls are... Especially cuz some of it is spot on... I love how guys think it's funny that girls go to the bathroom in flocks. This is honestly hysterical.

Newborn assessment/exam just after birth. I get to do this every day I work. Best job ever ♡

Gravity for Kids - School Lesson Part 2 series of Education Videos

How to Make Croissants Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 727 - YouTube

holy moly! ♥ these girls! Try - Pink (Jayesslee Cover)

Avalanche City - Love Love Love (Official Video)

The 1st time to show you Havit's Product Wall!

SAFE! Meeting 'Grivita' - Romanian Disfigured Dog

Tracy Anderson Workout. This is great if you have never done Tracy Anderson before.

▶ El Choclo - Tango - Accordion Acordeon Accordeon Akkordeon Akordeon - YouTube