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Mina Dos Estrellas es una mina de oro abandonada en las montañas de Michoacán. Era muy rica y empleó a 5.000 trabajadores. Los pobladores creen que los colonos habían perturbado el nagual, un antiguo animal controlado por el diablo. Extraños accidentes, muertes y suicidios comenzaron a ocurrir. En 1937, inundaciones causaron la muerte de 400 mineros. Después de la inundación, horribles muertes comenzaron a ocurrir, los niños empezaron a desaparecer, y los animales fueron encontrados mutilados.

Navy Smokey Eye Tutorial. Surprised by how much I love this look and now I need the damn LORAC pro palette 2

Did you know Disney has a whole video series on the U.S. presidents? This one's on Abraham Lincoln.

YMCA in minor. Great to help students hear the difference between major and minor.

▶ Super creepy sounds in the sky during a storm in Finland! - YouTube

Cardio belly dance workout with music: the hip hop mix workout for beginners - you should know several moves before trying this: hip pushes, shimmy, chest lift/v etc. check out her website for a video of the moves you need. This video is about 30 min.

Cutiepiemarzia & Pewdiepie's Dog Puga does everything Part.1 love this video! LOL

[Official Video] Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Creaciones y reciclaje de cápsulas Nespresso

WOLF ANIMAL MAKEUP - use earth tones to make it more bear like, make eyes round.

Classic '60s & '70s TV Memories...... long but well worth it! Wow. I am completely back to the good old days. Life was simpler and tv was real (not digitized).

▶ DIY tutorial orecchini con superduo e swarovski - "Orecchini Jeanne " - earrings superduos - YouTube

Kaya and Sadie - Pops, Locks & Layers How to Belly Dance (Belly Dancing Videos)

How To: Purl 2 Together Through Back Loops (p2togtbl)

How To Straighten Curly Hair Tutorial : MuchMoreThanBeauty (+playlist)

How to style like The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio hair style with Hai...

▶ Easy Strip-Pieced Tumbling Blocks, Marci Baker of Alicia's Attic - YouTube