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Sawdust Stove: Handmade barrel stove provides 8 hours of heating and cooking with one load of sawdust — smokeless and unattended. All gases go up the chimney. He heats over 1000 ft2 of uninsulated building. The basic idea can be scaled up to industrial sized heaters and dryers or scaled down for cooking and camping. Other materials such as rice hulls can be used instead of sawdust. could be combined with mass heating system for a great low cost winter heating system

21 VEGAN Meals, $40: Grocery Shopping for One - Anyone can shop and eat on a low budget. You just have to plan.

Only a Stonecutter - A wonderful, inpirational short film produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A great depiction of the determination and faith of the early Mormon pioneers.


Eagles ♥ ~ UNDER THE COVERS - Gary Burden/Henry Diltz.. Photography/Video of "Desperado Album"... Shoot out .. (with JD Souther/Jackson Browne)..Very Cool.. Luv Henry Diltz Photographer... ♥

DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume! If you don't already subscribe to Bethany on youtube, go subscribe to both of her channels right now at macbarbie07 and bethanyslife!

REIKI - Chakra Opening, Healing & Balancing ★ reiki music reiki meditation reiki healing music

[FRESH NEW FLIP!] Flip & Eva training and FUN!

Once Upon a Time - Season 2 Deleted Scene - Hook and Emma Jello << Why this was deleted, I will never understand. :D

5SOS Funny Moments. Beware of swears but HAHA THE LAST LIKE 2 MINUTES ARE THE BEST

▶ Braided Nutella Star Bread - YouTube-- I want to find a way to make this for a camp breakfast.

▶ Trigger Point Massage Therapy Techniques Neck Pain Relief & Release - Relaxation Music & ASMR - YouTube

The Teenage Brain Explained - Being a teenager is hard. Especially when hormones play their part in wreaking havoc on the teenage body and brain. In this episode, Hank explains what is happening to the during the angsty-time.

EMDR therapy with founder Francine Shapiro

  • Fox River Counseling, LLC

    I am so fortunate to have experienced training with Dr. Francine Shapiro. I went on to become certified in EMDR therapy. It has been amazing to experience the transformations of many. Dr. Shapiro has created a gift to clinicians as well as individuals.

  • Sharon Kay Ball

    This training is amazing and I have been using it with clients! I myself, have benefited from it as well!

Scott Big Ed Fat Bike at Trestle Bike Park 2014. - YouTube


The Olive Branch: Great for practicing I-messages and conflict resolution