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Niall interviewed by Radio Disney at iHeartRadio Festival backstage - YouTube

Miniature Cup Noodles / Instant Noodles - Polymer Clay Tutorial - YouTube

Check out my drug store #makeup tutorial using this beautiful shade of purple. #bb

This 3rd episode in the "Tip" series helps you understand basic perspective (1 point perspective, 2 point perspective & 3 point perspective)! For a deeper un...

The Wild Thornberry's episode about Day of the Dead. - Los Thornberrys: "Dia de los muertos" (1ra parte)

15 minute guided breathing exercise geared toward "letting go." I'd love to try this with a few of my more anxious kiddos.

Original Song by Anne Marie Song Name: Individuality

Best Shot // Birdy & Jaymes {this is quite possibly my favorite song right now}

Trapping Snapping Turtles - Part Three - Cleaning Turtles- How to Clean a Turtle

  • Emily Leetch

    Ive never seen this done. Its kinda creepy how the nerves are still making it move all the way through the video. If i were actually doing it i would get the heebee geebee's

  • Karie McLean

    Snapping Turtles are a Species at Risk in Canada

  • Michael Chambers

    First off, I don't live in Canada, I live in North Carolina in the United States of America. There are snapping turtles in every stream, pond, lake and mud puddle down here and, abundantly so. Snapping turtles are not endangered or threatened in Canada. They are listed as "Special Concern" meaning they are keeping an eye on them but there isn't a problem yet. If you read the page that you cited, they are of special concern due to there habits and natural predation, not because of man fishing for them. "During the summer, many turtles cross roads in search of mates, food and nest sites. This is risky for turtles as they are to slow to get out of the way of moving vehicles. Snapping Turtles are also sometimes intentionally persecuted. Eggs in nests around urban and agricultural areas are subject to predators such as Raccoons and Striped Skunks." If you're that concerned about it, instead of commenting on Pintrest, try writing your local and national representatives and/or DNR.

Austin, your Father wrote this song for me. He use to be sweet. He is a silent member of the band KINGS OF LEON (he receives royalties from this band), ♥

Megadeth - Rust In Peace... Polaris

DOING THIS! Minions "Banana Song" (Rhythmic Reading). To do with BANANA book and the Banana Split idioms book.

▶ Disney Maleficent Chibi Kawaii Clay Tutorial by FlyingMio

One Direction - Steal My Girl (Official Audio)