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Sarah McLachlan - Angel [Official Music Video]

How to Stencil a Cake by Chef Alan Tetreault of Global Sugar Art

Okay - it's only a commercial, but I do love this Scarlet Letter Miracle Whip commercial. Go Hester!!

Dr. Hook - A Little Bit More

This was really good. A Zombie-bitten father trying to save his daughter before he turns. Such a well done short film.

Cindy Lauper "True Colours" Live

How to Use a Blind Hem Foot Attachment | Sewing Machine

Jeremy Renner Talks Hawkeye In Avengers 2 Age of Ultron - Comic Con 2014

Andy Cooperman -Shibuichi Demo - ADC - YouTube

Patrick Swayze & Wife Dancing At World Music Awards 1994

BEST GAY MALE TWERKER ALIVE!!!! (WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK) OMG!! OMG!! Teach me how to Twerk like that

Pierre Favre + Samuel Blaser ~ Quai des brumes #jazz

SEAmagine Submersibles Diving Around The World

Direct Energy: Geothermal..... Geothermal pump systems reach fairly high Coefficient of performance (CoP), 3 to 6, on the coldest of winter nights, compared to 1.75-2.5 for air-source heat pumps on cool days.[6] Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) are among the most energy efficient technologies for providing HVAC and water heating.[7][8] Setup costs are higher than for conventional systems, but the difference is usually returned in energy savings in 3 to 10 years, and even shorter


Learn some of the basics of indoor climbing in this helpful youtube video

▶ God Is Angry! We Have Not Listened-No More Warnings, Now Comes Judgment! PREPARE! - YouTube ... WAKE UP AMERICA, TURN BACK TO GOD SOON, OR ELSE...

Uh Huh Her - Explode [Official Music Video]