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We've GOT to make this for mayas party! @Mike Leas

The Youtube Boy Band! Hahahax Nearly died of laughing ;) Jim Chapman | Marcus Butler | Joe Sugg (Zoe (zoella)'s bro) | Alfie Deyes (Zoe's bf) |

Their music just keeps getting better with every new release! Coldplay - Magic (Official video).

Wilson Bickford Misty Landscape Painting Techniques

Funny Kakashi and Yamato moment - Naruto Shippuden movie 4 - The lost Tower

Bernadette singing "Children Will Listen" from Into the Woods. I will have these lyrics framed and hung on my wall someday, at least parts of them.

  • Gina Boyd

    Wow. The character she plays in this show is a TERRIBLE mother. I don't think I would be able to get that out of my head.

  • Courtney Hodges

    True, I really do not like Into the Woods, but I really love this song and Bernadette...I've seen her sing it in concert format a lot more than I've seen the show (I have only seen it once), so I associate it more with her just singing and not in witch costume.

  • Gina Boyd

    I watched the video, and the beginning part is very sweet. It was interesting to see how she ended it since in the show that number goes straight into the finale which would be weird as a solo. She sings it here with much less regret and irony than she did as the witch, too, which makes it sweeter. (I was in this show in college! :) )

  • Beth Miller

    They did this at Lipscomb?! hahaha

For last years Design Miami (2009) I created realtime visuals for an OKGo performance where they were using guitars modded by Moritz Waldemeyer, shooting out lasers from the headstock. I created software to track the laser beams and project visuals onto the wall where they hit. This video is an opensource demo - written with openframeworks - of one of the visualizations from that show, using an OpenCL particle system and the macbook multitouch pad to simulate the laser hit points. The demo i…

Seashells: How-To Bring Out The Colors Of Your Seashells ... (wait for the 2nd half of video to play [directly after the 1st] to see the technique in action)

Vance Joy - 'Riptide' Official Video - YouTube

Join this adorable animated scarecrow and learn how to do the fun moves to this popular children's autumn song. This action song is also great for brain breaks and indoor recess.