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antique French fabric

Nostalgia at the Stone House

Russian apron - I have always loved mixing up patterns together - the combination of roses on a red background and the other woven patterns is sublime

Apron | Russian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ijebu Yoruba "aso olona", title cloth for Ogboni/Oshugbo society, late C19th or early C20th, Hand spun white and indigo cotton, imported red cotton. Unusually minimal design, Private collection, London.

Africa | Detail from a rare men's hand spun cotton wrapper cloth from the Bondoukou area, north east part of the Ivory Coast llustrates two of the distinctive aspects of pattern layout within this tradition that differ from those of the Asante and Ewe in Ghana, namely a focus on the centre of the fabric and an alignment of patterns in rows down the cloth (rather than the chequerboard type layout typical in Ghana.) | ca. 1900

Welcome to Adire African Textiles Francophone West Africa Gallery

Africa | Wrapper from Ososo in Kogi state, Nigeria, and was worn by a young woman for a coming of age ceremony. Ososo people are northern Edo in ethnicity | Cotton

Lot | Sotheby's

Africa | Detail from a prestige woman's wrapper ~ palo ~ from the Guro people of the Ivory Coast | Cotton; strip woven, supplementary weft float patterns

Lot | Sotheby's

Africa | Woman's wrapper from the Dioula people of the Ivory Coast | Cotton; weft-floating pattern | Collected between 1919 and 1930 by Paul Pailler, a French colonial administrator.

Andres Moraga Textile Art :: Woman's Wrapper

'Party of Special Things to Do' Stephanie Hall Photographed by Jessie Lily Adams for Violet #1

Vintage 1940's / 50's Womens Rayon and Gabardine Embroidered Horse Head Western

Schiaparelli Bolero jacket, 1938, dancing elephants Bolero jacket. embroideries of dancing circus elephants and swinging trapeze artists against a background of densely applied rose soutache. Part of her circus inspired designs.(AP Photo/Union des Arts Decoratifs)

Candida Martinelli's Italophile Site(Schiaparelli)

Africa | Embroidered textile from Rabat, Morocco | 19th century

~vintage dress / vintage 1930s dress~ back view / love the draping!