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Easy Recipes for the Busy Family

Easy Recipes for the Busy Family, using our 3 Step Method perfected over the last 17 years at our restaurant, Cafe Latte Coffee House and Eatery. Simple, just Shake, Splash and Eat. Using the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils created by Miriam Vigoa.

Easy homemade chicken soup for the bowl! 2 chicken legs cage free 10 grape tomatoes 15 fresh green beans cut in half 1 small yellow squash cut in cubes 3 T of Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil Lime splash A.) Put in crockpot fill water till it covers veggies. Turn on high for 3 hours. B.) Shazaam!!! Chicken soup for the bowl! I sprinkled some sesame garlic celtic sea salt over the top. Delish!! You can order Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils from our site also the celtic salt and our cookbook; Shake, Splash & Eat: Shockingly Simple Recipes. www.vigoacuisine.... 2 cloves garlic

Lakeshore Art Festival Muskegon, MI July 5-6, 2013

Super Sonic Breakfast for Busy Family Sum‎mers. We are in Michigan right now doing some shows and enjoying the weather. We just finished Howard Allen Events in Grand Haven Michigan. But of course we love you American Craft Endeavors! vigoacuisine.word...

Roasted tomato feta spinach pizza on whole grain crust. Put Hummus on bottom Top with fav veggies Add feta, mozzarella and tomatoes to top Drizzle canary island garlic and herb olive oil over the top and bake for 5 unites at 350. Slice and enjoy! More recipes join our blog. www.vigoacuisine....

Black bean burritos in a cup! Wheat free gluten free!! Get recipe here www.vigoacuisine....

Easy Fast Low sodium stirfried rice Go to your fav Chinese place ask them to do a veggies stir fried rice without soy sauce and no salt. Take that home put it in a pan and add canary island garlic and herb Hot olive oil, add raw brocolli and baby spinach. Add a small splash of Braggs liquid animos it will taste like soy sauce but its low sodium. Stir till mixed and enjoy :). For more easy recipes for the busy family go to Http://

Super easy homemeade split pea soup in 20 minutes. One of our shockingly simple recipes from our new cookbook. Shake.splash& eat! Shockingly simple recipes. Featuring the mouthwatering flavor of canary island garlic and herb olive oil. Grab your book and a bottle extravaganza special now 18009752677. Best seasoned olive oil in the world, any way you shake it! 18009752677

A old Spanish breakfast. Fried egg in Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil. Served on top of rice. Enjoy.

Quinoa Salad on Baby Greens with Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil: Cook Quinoa per instructions, add1/4 cup fresh organic carrot beet juice to quinoa after cooked for a touch of sweet. Chop fresh greens and favorite veggies. Top with quinoa and sprouts and drizzle the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil "Lime Splash" over the top. A great high protein salad with lots of summer Splash flavor.

  • Kristi Linebaugh

    This is a nice summer salad from our restaurant Cafe Latte Coffee House and Eatery in Winter Haven Florida.