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Find the Cutes children's activity book (

This will be a search book. Find Carissa, Cade, Chaz, Cammy, and Cindy Cute amongst hundreds of people! In the year 2014, book is going to be produced. This page will keep you updated of the most recent developments before the book is published and sold. Carissa, Cade, Chaz, Cammy, and Cindy Cute are lost in a big crowd of people. Carissa had to babysit her younger siblings, but was texting her friends and lost sight of them.

Carissa, "We are playing volleyball with the family. It was way cool!" Find the Cutes - Playtime is available for sale through or on #Lookandfind #Seekandfind #Searchbook #Childrensbooks #Cutechildrensbooks #Cutechildren #Cutekids #Cutefamily #Familyvolleyball

"Find the Cutes - Playtime" is now available for sale online to anyone living in the USA. Go to our webshop on or look on Amazon on this link: