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Daniel Radcliffe Surprises Fans At A Movie Theater

The Complete Zelda You Meme by on @deviantART

The Complete Zelda You Meme by Cavea on deviantART

Well, that was unexpected

Well, that was unexpected

Marvel tumblr - "Ridiculous pet superheroes" clinched it for me.

Tumblr Marvel by vlade - Meme Center

My favorite quote from this: "So these are a gift right?" "No. I like to kill zombies and fight in imaginary battles. Thanks though."

Old School Poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier Debuts - SuperHeroHype

The fact I get this joke pretty much means I should stop trying to pretend I am cool

4 video games / classic children's books mash-ups by H. Caldwell Tanner: Dr. Seuss + Dr. Mario; Frog Toad + Star Fox; "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" + Legend of Zelda; and "Where the Wild Things Are" + Pokemon.

Four VideoGame Children’s Books

Video Game Console Cosplay on Global Geek News. This is pretty awesome! #cosplay #videogames #gameconsole

Playstation, Xbox and GameCube Video Game Console Cosplay [pic]

James McAvoy, Tom Lefroy - Becoming Jane directed by Julian Jarrold, 2007) - Tom Hiddleston, Mr. John Plumptre - Miss Austen regrets directed by Jeremy Lovering, TV Movie, 2008) & Michael Fassbender (Mr. Edward Rochester - Jane Eyre directed by Cary Fukunaga, 2011) #janeausten #charlottebronte I do enjoy a cravatte ;)

Okay my fellow Eddie girls...I think James McAvoy looks alot like our Eddie. I feel that if they did a film biopic on Pearl Jam James should play Eddie. Anyone else agree?

I hear corrupted memory cards are in the 7th circle of hell in "Danté's Inferno". Anyone else remember having to blow into the snes and Nintendo 64 games when they wouldn't work? xD

Why gamers get so angry…

Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Leaf Forever A Loan Girls T-Shirt(I BET TOM NOOK EVEN OWNS THE SHIRT!!!!!)

The Nintendo family tree: Often probably preferable to your actual family tree. Related: The Evolution of Video Game Controllers (via creati...

"Hero of sass <- the longer you stare, the sassier it gets..." yeah it does