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The real life models who posed for some of the most iconic and beautiful mid-century pinup illustrations. #vintage #1940s #1950s #pinups #pinup_girls

  • Jessica Cangiano

    It really is, Eve. I love studying these images and noting both the similarities and subtle differences (for example, a lack of wrinkles in the illustration of the gal making popcorn over a fire that are present on the real model's forehead) - they're reminiscent of our modern day Photoshop techniques.

  • Eve

    yes that's really interesting to look at and see the differences and similarities :-)

  • Sanne Green

    Gil most often used his own wife as model for his paintings. :)

  • Jessica Cangiano

    I love that, Sanne. It makes me think, albeit in a different medium, of how Tony and I work together.

  • Sanne Green

    Exactly! ;)

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Gil Elvgren's pin-up take on the wild west. #vintage #pinups #cowgirls #redheads #1940s #1950s

Love and romance, pin-up style. Art by K.O. Munson, 1952. #vintage #1950s #pinups #reading #books

Our Knowledge & Experience At Your Command

Cover illustration for Exotic Novel Magazine, 1949, by Fred Claude Rodewal. #vintage #1940s #pinups #pulp_fiction

Love her summery outfit and cute hairdo! #pinups #art #vintage #fashion

  • Jason

    I also love her cuban heel nylon foot! Something so sexy about a gal kicking off her heels and revealing that reinforced nylon! Wow! :)

It's darling pin-up girl style calling. #vintage #pinups #telephone

Pin-up Paintings by Gil Elvgren | Cuded

Masquerade ball glamour and loveliness. #vintage #1940s #pinup #fashion

  • Jessica Cangiano

    @Jackie Alvarado - so true on both counts. Seeing this image again reminds me that I really need to invest in a masquerade mask one of these days. A gal never knows when it might come in handy. :)

  • Lucy Pumkinjack

    I wish we still had occasions in which an outfit like this was the expected, rather than the exception.

  • Jackie Alvarado

    Oh to bring back the days of glamour. BIG SIGH

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Lucy and Jackie, I could not possibly agree with you more, dear ladies.

  • Denise Stewart

    Wow these are back in my mums days

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Case Dis-missed by Al Buell, 1949. #vintage #pinup #girls #1940s

“Beauty to Spare” by Edward D' Ancona. #vintage #pinup #girl #bowling

  • Jason


  • Jessica Cangiano

    That it is! Seeing this again reminds me, I so need to go do a bowling themed shoot one of these days (*adds it to the list*).

  • Jason

    That would be excellent! Bowling is so much fun. :)

Cover illustration for Wink Magazine, January 1949 (art by Peter Driben). #pinup #vintage #1940s

Illustration for a comic in Man Senior Magazine, 1954. #pinup #art #1950s