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Ant Killer...Fill a pint spray bottle with 1/3 Basic H and 2/3 water and peppermint oil while mixing gently. Follow the trail of ants and spray a thin stream where they are entering. Also, spray any other areas where they may enter such as by doors, windows, etc. Do not put on painted surfaces as it will eventually cause bubbling. Fill up a tip bottle and go around the edge of your house.

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I stumbled upon Jaima Shutt one night while blog-hopping/Facebooking.  I popped over to her Facebook  page and 'liked' her.  Turned out, I was her 100th fan!  Yay me!  She is now well over 4000 likes.  Awesome job!  As a thank you, she sent me a sample of a Shaklee product Basic H cleaner.  It came in a tiny capsule.

This is the Get Clean starter kit- AMAZING. two things I would add are the Scour Off and the Basic H wipes. This line is amazing. It is super concentrated so it makes a lot of product! If you only made window cleaner from the Basic H, it would make over 5,000 bottles of Windex. Hello people!! The bottle of Basic H is $10!! I'm telling ya- just a smart move. I would love to answer any questions you may have- I am super passionate about 'clean cleaning' and I want to help your house too!

The cool thing about Basic H is that it removes hard water spots and stains, so as I was using the microfiber pad to wash the windows, Basic H was breaking up the hard water, and when I squeegeed them they literally looked brand new!

I started out with Basic H, Basic G, and Scour Off. After using them for a few weeks, I was completely hooked and have replaced every cleaner in my house. Below my sink went from this:

The question is, what CAN'T you do with Basic H? Love it!

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