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Easy #DIY car care- Check your brake fluid. Brake fluid should stay between the min and max markings. It if it drops below the minimum, visit a repair shop as it could mean worn brake pads or a leak in the system. #CarCare

Guide to to Child Car Safety

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Follow a vehicle service schedule Recycle used parts and oils Hang on to your current vehicle Serious engine trouble? Manufacturer one! Green #CarCare tips

A Visual Guide to Getting Your Car Unstuck From The Snow

It's easy to check your tire pressure! Remember to use the psi level found on your door or in your owner's manual. Check the tire level and fill if necessary. #CarCare from the Car Care Council

Show Your Car Some (Maintenance) Love- Be Car Care Aware!

Winter Car Care Tip- Prepare If you'll be seeing snow, don't forget to pack for emergencies via

Car Maintenance Tips For Winter I

Lighten Up your Key Chain #CarCareTips #DidYouKnow? Virginia Tire & Auto I

6 Vehicle Warning Smells

Winter Car Care Tip- Gas Tank Make sure it is at least half full to avoid freezing. Something easy!

Winter Car Care Tip- Lights It's dark in winter! For safety, make sure all of your lights are working. And make sure they are snow&ice free

Winterize Your Car Infographic

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter!

6 car smells and what they mean #CarCare

Traveling with pets infographic

When is the last time you had your tires rotated? Visit our website to schedule an appointment-

Tire inflation & tread depth are important! Remember to check them regularly.

glow-in-the-dark-keys - so useful at night when you're fumbling in the dark at your front door