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Gutter Gardening

Product Codes: WIBHL & WIBHS by mysunnybalcony, via Flickr

MySunnyBalcony » Products

lovely repeating patterns btw, the page this links to has LOTS of gutter gardening-type links...

Gardens for Small Spaces

Vertical Garden... pretty, pretty... love the rows of contrasting colors

nice teepee, flanked w/ garden boxes

Self-Watering Rain Gutter Will have to google for this concept, b/c apparently an old post on FB page

Gutter Gardening... no more stooping!

totally amazing teapots... very creative use of not much space

Good As New: Container Garden : Sturdy for Common Things
  • Alice Culhane

    You have to stay home a lot to keep them watered.

  • Ivy Kratzer

    made me think of you @Jennifermelissakeene :-)

  • Vicki B

    @ Alice: Not a problem here in Florida, where it rains every day in summer, lol!

stacked cinder blocks r brilliant! very textural... prob pretty darn sturdy, too