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Μελόπιτα με γλυκό φράουλα - Traditional melopita (pie from fresh cheese) with strawberry preserve

Πασχαλινά κουλουράκια - Traditional Easter cookies

Μελιτίνια - Melitinia - Another recipe for this traditional Easter dessert from Santorini

Κουλουράκια κανέλας με πορτοκάλι - Cinnamon cookies with orange from Dina Nikolaou

Syruped coconut cake - Γλυκό ταψιού Ινδοκάρυδο

Lavander Pasteli - Παστέλι με Λεβάντα

Ταχινόπιτα σιροπιαστή - Syruped hahini cake

Ταχινόπιτες - Sweet buns with tahini

Λουκουμάδες - Loukoumades or traditional Greek doughnuts covered with honey. Lokoumades and Chalvas are the sweets we eat these days, especially on Clean Monday, when the carnival season ends and 7 weeks long fasting starts.

Χαλβάς Σιμιγδαλένιος με Πορτοκάλι και Μπαχαρικά - semolina halva with orange juice and spices

Sweet Cheese Rolls - Γλυκά Ρολάκια Τυριού (με ανθότυρο)

H πιο ωραία πορτοκαλόπιτα - Portokalopita - Sweet pita with phillo and oranges, which are in season right now!

Μπουγατσάκια - Easy atomic bougatsa (sweet pita filled with cream)

Βασιλόπιτα Κρήτης - Vasilopita from Crete Vasilopita is cake/sweet bread made for New Year day, when it is cut at the table during the family meal. When made, small coin is put inside. When cutting the cake, the first piece goes for the home, second for the Virgine Mary, third for the Christ (may change according to the customs of a family or area) and then every member of the family gets one piece. Whoever gets the piece with the coin, will be lucky for the whole new year. Kali Chronia!

Golfo's raisin buns - Σταφιδόψωμα της Γκόλφως

Υπέροχοι λουκουμάδες - Homemade loukoumades or small donuts traditionally made in Greece

Βαρβάρα (Ασουρέ) - Varvara (or Asoure) - another nice recipe. You can add some fresh pomegranate for color!

Βαρβάρα - Varvara Traditional Greek sweet (in form of tick cream) with religious roots prepared on the eve of St. Varvara celebration (04.12.) It's very healthy, full of dry fruits, nuts and cereals at it is shared in small bowls with neighbours and children.

Χιώτικη μανταρινόπιτα ~ Sweet pita with tangerines from Chios

Soft cookies with filling with Greek mountain tea - Μαλακά μπισκότα με τσάι του βουνού

Farsala Halvas - Χαλβάς Φασάλων

Pontiac Donuts - Λουκουμαδάκια ποντιακά

Baked Quinces - Κυδώνια ψητά - Perfect autumn dessert

Cinammon cookies without eggs - Νοστιμότατα κουλουράκια κανέλας χωρίς αυγά

  • Andrea Chatziathanasiou

    Sarah you could you could use Google Translate, in another case let me know and I'll send you translated recipe.

  • Sarah Kimsey

    Thank you! I used bing translate which helped, but I don't understand the measurements, a glass of oil and a package of flour., etc

  • Andrea Chatziathanasiou

    I hope these will help: 1 can of orange soft drink (like orange Fanta) - 250 ml 1 glass of oil - I usually use the common measurement cup instead, so it is like 1 cup 1 pack of flour is 1kg flour for all the uses (medium flour). Hope I helped

  • Sarah Kimsey

    You are so kind. Thank you.

  • Expat Foodie

    Unfortunately Google translate is not reliable at all! You can try it out from Greek to English and you'll see what I mean. Often the translation into English doesn't make sense

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