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Haunted Savannah

One cannot walk down Savannah’s streets at twilight without feeling evidence of her supernatural side. The old beautiful homes practically emanate the aura of lost loves, lives cut short, and other misfortunes. The Spanish moss-drenched live oaks set the mood. The dead never truly depart in Savannah. One just has to walk into a shop, hotel or restaurant in Savannah and strike up a conversation w the staff, and the talk will turn inevitably to the supernatural. -- James Caskey, Haunted Savannah

Whether it's seeing dead people or a mild case of the willies down in the basement, ghosts and spirits are serious topics for some people. The Marshall House makes USA Today's list of "10 Most Haunted Places in the USA"

Haunted places in Savannah: The Marshall House Hotel

Savannah is many things: Absolutely gorgeous, historically fascinating, and full of Old South charisma. But there’s a vexing, dark side to this charmer of a city. Disturbing tales of aggravated spirits, haunted homes and cemeteries, and things that go bump in the night often earns Savannah the title of America’s Most Haunted City…

Bonaventure Cemetery: Savannah, GA

Haunted Wright Square at dusk…so spooky!

Many ghost stories are told about hauntings resulting from infringement of Indian burial grounds, citywide fires and yellow fever epidemics. One especially recurring theme, however, is the tragedy of lost love…

Dinner at The Olde Pink House Well known for its' distinctive color (due to a fire that caused a chemical reaction between the brick wall and whitewashed exterior), The Olde Pink House restaurant is also well known for its' ghost population…

Blue Orb Ghost Tours, America's Most Haunted City Tours, and Sixth Sense Savannah Tours all specialize in the city's haunted heritage. Many tours take place after dark, so sleep in and get ready to set out when the sun goes down.

Wright Square during a haunted tour…looks so eerie the way lights are shining on the monument!

Savannah Ghost Tours with Blue Orb Tours

Coyly, I asked, “So do Savannah’s ghosts just know to stay out of the cemeteries or do you tell them they can’t come in?” I had hoped to prompt a little laughter, but none came and I left them with a final query, “Ok, so if I wanted to not find some ghosts and not hear any ghost stories in a cemetery, where would be my best bet?” “On or off the record?” they asked. “Off,” I told them. And then came the name…”Bonaventure.”

“Ummm…we have a city policy that there can be no discussion of ghosts or paranormal subjects on cemetery grounds managed by the city.” -- City of Savannah

Monterey Square home ready for Halloween in Savannah!