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"Two Dots," The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster: Overview; Design; Game Play; Conclusion; Details.

World’s Smartest Toy Cars Just Got Supercharged: Anki Drive app is getting race mode; Details.

[VIDEO] Ingenious New Toy Turns Physical Objects Into iPad Games—Pretty cool!; Probably $100 later this summer.

Why the death of Microsoft's Xbox One vision means we all lose—Commentary: By unbundling the Kinect sensor from Xbox One, Microsoft strips away the console's last differentiating element. The industry and gamers will suffer for it.

[VIDEO] Clever Kinect Hack Brings This Guy’s Full Body Into Virtual Reality—COOL!!!

The YouTube Trailer for This Game ("Blades of Excalibur") Is Actually a Playable Demo; Try it.

This Game’s Levels Went Missing—So Fans Rebuilt Them From Scratch: "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha"; Download it FREE!

Nintendo Will Debut These Skylanders-Style Figures at E3—interactive figurines; create a “personal, customized” character; exact details on June 10

FREE GAME ALERT! - EA's "Dead Space" is 'On the House' on Origin, but act fast! For just the next few days!

FREE GAME ALERT! - EA's "Dead Space" is 'On the House' on Origin, but act fast! For just the next few days!

This "Portal 2" Mod Lets You Play Against Yourself—"Thinking With Time Machine" campaign; Details.

12 apps to keep kids entertained no matter what: Sesame Go; PBS Kids; PlayKids; ABC Mouse; Bookboard; Wallykazam!; SpeakaZoo; Toca Pet Doctor; Reading Rainbow; more...

12 apps to keep kids entertained no matter what | TechHive

6 Comics to Grab After Seeing the New Captain America: #25-42; #1-28; #1-19; #1; #1-15; #153-156; Details.

TO ENCOURAGE RECYCLING, COKE MADE AN ARCADE GAME POWERED BY EMPTY PLASTIC BOTTLES—The "Happiness Arcade" bets that making recycling a game can help clean up Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the world.

[PHOTOS] Mario Kart 8 on Wii U Isn’t Anything New — That’s Why We Like It—Details; Mid May release.

[VIDEO] First Look: Mattel Reveals Secret Line Of Blasters, 3 Years In The Making MATTEL DEBUTS THE SUPERBIKES OF THE TOY GUN WORLD. MOVE OVER, NERF!

Amazon Just Pushed Game Consoles One Step Closer to Death: Announced "FireTV"; $40 Amazon Fire Game Controller; Details.

[VIDEO] A Gorgeous iPad Game That Would Make M.C. Escher Drool: "Monument Valley"; COOL! $4. (Android coming).

Magical Prototype Lets You Play PS4 With Your Eyeballs—Sony's eye tracker; Details.