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Fun stair painting. Love this

I would sell my children for something like this. I'm only partially kidding.

Best Paints For Plastic Furniture - or for plant pots etc.

vintage door hardware at historic house parts

DIY - Apple Chair Swags (I used Granny Smiths) Bailing wire 6 yards of ribbon or trim (3 different styles) Wire Cutters Scissors Instructions: 1. Select 8 apples (or so) and line them with the smaller ones on the ends, and the larger in the middle. (see image A) 2. Cut a 3 foot length of bailing wire using your wire cutters. Make a loop at one end, and twist the tail aro...

Paint center of cabinet door with chalkboard paint and use as message center, quote of the week, grocery list, family goals etc.

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: How to Give Up Paper Towels Forever

Ignore the gentleman, if you would. That metal-art sculpture thingy has captured my attention and I WANT THAT MANTLEPIECE AND THE SCULPTURE. Just...with my OWN gentleman, please.

Floor color with wall paint color.

Could do in any color to match a room. doing this!

Aprons! My mom and grandmas always had aprons on and hanging up for the helpers. Our family was big so threre was alot to prepare. the work was hard and the food was great. miss this life I had as a lass.

bathroom layout -- with towel bar above the toilet, with two small shelves above that, and an oval mirror above the pedestal sink. Oh, and the wallpaper.

How to add character to your home (on a budget)

This muscle can cause lots of neck pain and upper back pain on the spine side of your shoulder blade. You can fix it!