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Beauty Of Winter

Underneath the moonlite clouds are jewels silver-white dancing across the meadow snowflakes fill the night Not a sound is heard to disturb this work of art The pine trees are glistening snow drifts upon the ground The moon reflection dances upon each snowflake found Standing outside you observe this winter wonderland Snowflakes kiss your nose and dance upon your hand You begin to look around You stand gazing up above as the beauty of winter embraces you with love: by Irishgrrl

Niagara River. Winter. by Andy Zav on 500px

Umbrella by Alberto Romano on 500px

The Bubbles by Aubrey Stoll on Flickr.

Snow Forest, The Alps, Switzerland photo via adrian

Sea Caves Exposed on Lake Superior

Hidden Ice (Finland) by MilaMai | Tumblr

Beautiful winter....

This eerie visual phenomenon occurs when light (usually from the sun or the moon) reflects off ice crystals hovering in the air.