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Side tattoo. Military quote.

Tattooed guys can be incredibly popular for perfume/underwear/jeans shots etc. What do you think of this look? Tell us on Facebook.

Future grandparents will be special…

I want to do this for any kids i have plus I have thought of doing something like this with the pets I have held dear to me over the years only paw prints of course.

“You Were Given This Life Because You Are Strong Enough To Live it.” ...I absolutely love this

Custom Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

I know ive already pinned this but i just love it!

I so badly want a sugar skull tattoo, I think they're gorgeous

sugar skull tattoo | Tumblr

Sugar skull tattoo | Tattoo Ideas Central

sugar skullsthis is what i want on my arm to start mt sleeve with my kids name in it and than a boy skull super cute

Dia de los Muertos. Sugar Skull. This will be one of my next tattoos, maybe on my half sleeve.

Sugar Skulls tattoo on back

Owl sugar skull tattoo

sugar skull tattoos | Sugar Skulls tattoo

Tattoos by Ron Hoffman: Soldier's tags tattoo.

Tattoo by Antonio Macko Todisco at Milano City Ink in Milan, Italy

This is actually MY OWN tattoo. It commemorates my time as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. For more info on what each and every detail means, just click on the tat. It was done by Brian of Body Rites Tattoos in Five Points, Columbia, SC. Wish I had better skin to show it off better.