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kitchen gunk remover 1 part vegetable oil 2 parts baking soda Mix together with a spoon and go crazy! I like to use my fingers when I use baking soda (ie. Miracle Cleaner) because I feel like I can really work the fine grains of baking soda into the surface best that way.

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Freeze different fruit juice in ice trays and put in glass. Pour sprite over ice cubes. Taste the rainbow!! Great treat for St. Patrick's Day

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Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar 1/2 cup salt Liquid dish soap (any brand) Empty spray bottle

Suffering from dead ends? DONT CUT THEM OFF JUST YET. This is especially helpful for girls who bleach/ombre their hair. 1. Heat a cup of olive oil on the stove until its hot, but not hot enough that it will burn your skin. 2. Grab your hair in your hand like a pony tail, and lower it into the olive oil, allowing the oil to saturate your unhealthy ends 3. Carefully over a sink, slowly pour the rest of the olive oil on your scalp, and comb through your hair

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{Good to remember for Emma, who has such a sensitive stomach, especially with fast food} Snacks: Healthy Travel Snacks..those minni cheeses are SO good!!!


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