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Volvo's New Voice

We're launching a new integrated advertising campaign in the U.S. that is completely different than anything we have ever done before. Our new Volvo tonality is edgier and appeals to the non-materialistic Volvo aficionado rather than your typical luxury car buyer. Learn who we are and what we stand for by taking a look at our 2013 advertisements. Don't be shy, tell us what you think!

"Repin" if you've ever taken home a Swedish model. #S60vsA4

"Repin" if you have haters. #S60vsA4

The #Volvo #S60 probably isn't for you if...

We're not apologizing for looking this good! #Volvo #S60

Nothing worth having comes easy..

"Repin" to show some love for the creator of the the 3-Point Safety Belt made by a Volvo engineer.

S60 Challenge: You'd think we were German. Only better-looking, faster and far less uptight.

Brains. Beauty. Personality. What's your favorite Volvo feature?

LA Billboard: The black sheep of luxury cars and proud of it. #Volvo #S60

2015 Volvo S60 Sports Sedan – S60 R-Design | Volvo Cars

Wouldn't you rather be a Swedeheart?

"Re-pin" if you think reducing exhaust emissions is good for the environment.

LA Billboard: Have your people call our people. #Volvo #S60 #Losangeles

Yeah, we had work done. Try not to stare at our behinds. #KPAXracing

Take the S60 Challenge: #S60vsA4

S60 Challenge: Take home something you won't regret tomorrow.

S60 Challenge: Heavy on soul. Light on ego.

"Re-pin" if you are proud to drive a #Volvo

Pretense is SO past tense...

Tired of German techno? Try some Swedish metal.

2015 Volvo S60 Sports Sedan – S60 R-Design | Volvo Cars