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Couples' alarm clock - Put the ring on your finger and it vibrates to wake you and not your significant other.

It’s like Nerf guns for grown ups. AWESOME! !! I want one!!! LOL!! :-)

WHAT?! Where has this been all my life?! I'm going to the lake!

Differences between art- I love this!

Light saber chop sticks - I WANT THEM!!

When the time comes to conceal a tattoo for a job interview or other important event. Use a red lipstick covering the outlines, pat on a light concealer, using a setting powder pat on your skin tone concealer, and clean up any mistakes using baby wipes to remove excess concealer. Use a fluffy brush and smooth it out with foundation powder - Just in case you were wondering :) haha

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Super Sci-Fi Rocket fueled Jet Pack

What could be in the not too distant future for Apple fans

180 degrees angle view