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These people are pretty smooth

Tumblr self esteem raiser comp -


I want to hang out with this person…

Where dreams die…

Where dreams die…

This is Hilarious

Funny "This Kid Is Going Places" Pictures - 17 Pics

Monzanita's: Journal Writing and Journal Entry Ideas

"I’ve always seen so many lovely female Tardis cosplayers but never a male Tardis. I felt I had to change that." FANTASTIC.

Hinged Bookcase How-To. Perfect for a secret room.

Here are some awesome improvements to everyday gadgets and accessories.

The Effects Of Birth Order On Personality- I'm a last born, and this is SO accurate!

Disney gender bender. A female hades, she's so freaking cool!

Snow White + Wonder Woman = Wonder White. | These Adorable Disney Princess Superhero Mashups Are The Coolest Thing

voodoo doll costume - sticks and stones may break our bones, but ouch! -- pins do a voodoo doll in.

"Shrieking. I am shrieking." Try cackling on this end. XD I'm sorry, it might be a little inappropriate, but XDD