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How to Survive Field Injuries- From snake bites to sore teeth, this guide will help you tackle almost any accident.

How to Survive Field Injuries

Learn how to make homemade fishing lures in our latest newsletter. Article available in Issue 20 of Self Reliance Illustrated.

Super Cheap, Lightweight, Full Size camping Sink..... - Quite easy to create. Uses a $2 sink drain an a plastic bin!

Super Cheap, Lightweight, Full Size camping Sink

Calamity Survival Checklist

check list | PrepareUK

Cooking over a Dakota Fire Hole... saves wood and does not smoke...

Great camping tips : theCHIVE Camping survival guide, ala Bear Grylls. Pretty nifty ideas.

Great camping tips : theCHIVE

Fishing tips from field and stream

A Beginner's Guide to Bait Fishing

How To Make A Primitive Fishing Hook

Primitive Fishing Hook - Hedgehog Leatherworks

20 Secrets To Help You Catch Fish All Summer Long | Field & Stream

20 Secrets To Help You Catch Fish All Summer Long

How To Make Survival Shelters

Seven Primitive Survival Shelters That Could Save Your Life

DIY Garden & Yard Privacy • ideas & tutorials!

Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas | The Garden Glove

Whether you’re on a camping trip or in a post hurricane situation and need to repair broken material, you can make a gummy-type adhesive using gasoline and styrofoam. It's useful for creating weapons, spears, and fishing tools and doesn't cost much to make.

Survivaltek  - Improvised Emergency Glue