167. You know Supernatural changed your life when... and then you tell them exactly how to fix said problem.

This was really early on in the show, too, and just shows what awesome friends they are... But seriously, who actually thought they could pull off jumping these two?? Lol

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, Ellen and Jo ~ Supernatural "Family don't end with blood."

Looking oh so good! Jensen for Harper’s Bazaar China 2014

Richard Speight, Jr. tweet, 8-11-14

Harper's Bazaar China magazine order form. If you order, be sure to indicate you want the September issue!

It's official! Here's the spread... now how do I get it! I want one like yesterday! Of course I won't be able to read it ;)

BTS photo #Season10 Jensen said at #SDCC14 that Dean doesn't care about anything, baby included. I knew it was coming.. but seeing it.. This physically hurts :'(

Haha you missed one!!!

Oh my god lucifer / iFunny :)

does he got the booty

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