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A new trend that hit the health industry in 2005 - super-fruits. No, not any fruit that are grown in a different way or are hybrid versions of some super advanced ingredients...

NOTICE BREAST CHANGES There are some particular symptoms you should look out for - change in breast shape, pulling in nipples or other parts of the breast, nipple discharge that starts suddenly, swelling, warmth, darkness of breast, lump or hard know in the breast of in the underarm area, itch, sore or rash on nipple. Respond to symptoms by getting yourself checked. It might not be cancer, but it is always better to stay careful. Read more

10th October is World Mental Health Day. The day raises awareness and promotes open discussion about mental illnesses and related problems.

They Did it, So Can You! Celebrity Weight Loss and How They Did It. Drew’s Secret Mantra ■Five-mile runs, thrice a week. ■Boot-camp-style-workout by Kathy Kaehler. ■Power yoga instructed by Mark Blanchard. Different Celebs Secret Weight loss Mantra visit

Its no surprise that our brains change as we age....Read more about....How your brain ages.....

Breast Cancer Prevention Veggies.

Benefits of Red Fruits.

Secret Home Made Remedies Unfurled ! As seasons change, our skin undergoes wear and tear and so does our health. Here are a few home remedies for your overall health and fitness. It is time we kiss ill health and pain, goodbye..........