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CLEANING: They tried, tested and compared homemade cleaning solutions to store bought chemical ones and made a list of the best homemade recipes to use. Great source! Save yourself some dough (and the planet!). These actually work! We promise. While spending weeks researching our recent series on testing old versus new cleaning techniques (for soap scum, shower curtains, windows, candle wax, clogged drains, scuff marks and red wine) one thing became glowingly apparent: New isnt always bet

This is one of six calligraphies done by Thich Naht Hanh just before a wonderful interview he did in San Diego with our editor-in-chief, Melvin McLeod. He's one of a very few people who has training in Eastern Art but also has an amazing calligraphic hand in English. He does a lot of Western calligraphy, which you can see in many of his books.

Will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if it is an old one. REALLY WORKS!! 2 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn ( original blue) // I saw this idea before but didn't realize you could just put it in a spray bottle as a stain remover spray. Will definitely try!

The absolute fastest way to peel a whole head of garlic and in under 30 seconds!!! Oh and with no fancy gadgets or even a knife! It's basically like performing a magic trick in your kitchen. Your gonna have more cloves of garlic then you'll even know what to do with! enjoy!!!

someday I'll be glad I pinned this - Moving, tips and tricks from a professional organizer. Pin now. Read later.

Serious eye cream. It is super simple to make using only two ingredients - coconut oil and Vitamin E. Nice website for natural cleaners and other recipes. Coconut oil is a protective antioxidant and supports tissue repair and healing. I like to add a little EMU oil and vitamin A as well.

When buying fruit and veggies, always soak them in a 1:4 ratio of vinegar and water to help remove toxins and pesticides. Leave them soaking for up to an hour, longer with nonorganic apples. At the end of the bath, sometimes you can even see cloudy like stuff in the water from the skins and waxes, and dirt on the bottom. Works awesome! Once I did this to blackberries and they were good for 3 WEEKS! That's unheard of with berries & water. The vinegar is KEY :)