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Oh Clark, you saucy minx. // #marvel; agents of shield; clark gregg; ming-na wen

If a weeping angel

Things Studio Ghibli Taught Me [GIF set]

Sometimes I feel like Skye. I'm good at stuff, too.

"Well that's one way to ruin a childhood." <-- I can't stop laughing. Hahaha!

Falcon, Captain America and Black Widow charge into battle! This is practically a still from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Notice how under Mrs Clause , it says " favorite reindeer --------- these parents deserve an award

stargate confessions. Yes! Fifteen plus seasons several movies....Why is this rarely mentioned in great Scifi?

He's not even in this movie lol

Just thought this was funny!--->Bring It On!

I was already super intrigued with the pictures...and then I got to the end.

"Having a bad day? Here's a gif of David tennant smiling. I dare you not to smile back :)" Keeping this forever

A Whole Different Kind Of Big Bang

"Good Guy Steve Rogers? Try Best Guy Steve Rogers." <--- Couldn't agree more <--- Same! I hate it when people dislike Captain America/Steve Rogers because he's too boring or old-fashioned. He seems to be the Avenger with the most modern view of women and he respects them. He may be shy around them, but he definitely doesn't fear them

But at least he says it with affection :) Supernatural - Felicia Day's Charlie, and Dean

The eye. Ha Lord of the Rings