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World War ll

Spread word before important history is forgotten! Never forget the impact and horrors

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World War ll

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World War II London Blitz Diary - Season 1, Episode 1

World War II London Blitz Diary

FREE MOBILE APP World War ll London Blitz Diary's 1939-1945 - Get it now!: 50f89e9a-27ff-4bd...

FREE MOBILE APP World War ll London Blitz Diary's 1939-1945 - Get it now! 50f89e9a-27ff-4bd...

In a photo that speaks of fear, bravery, and an unknown threat, members of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, commonly known as WAACs, don their first gas masks at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. The female troops were famously praised by General Douglas MacArthur, who called them “my best soldiers.”

"My Best Soldiers"

Student at the Florida State College for Women reading about the Pearl Harbor Attack in Tallahassee, Florida, December 1941.

This photo, in which three American soldiers lie dead in the sand on Buna Beach in New Guinea, was taken in February 1943, but was not published until September. It was the first time an image of dead American troops appeared in LIFE during World War II without the bodies being draped, in coffins, or otherwise covered up. George Strock’s Buna Beach photo

"The Toll in the Pacific: Buna Beach, 1943"

12 Apr 21: Canada develops a defense scheme should America invade them. Their plan calls for a rapid offense and occupation of Seattle, Great Falls, Minneapolis and Albany to buy time for British reinforcements to arrive. This plan will be terminated in 1928 and WWII will solidify an enduring friendship between the US and all nations of the United Kingdom. #WWII #History

WWII Day-By-Day: April 12

During World War II, the Nazis destroyed many Jewish cemeteries. This wall in Remuh Cemetery in Kraków was constructed with pieces of recovered tombstones.

Jap wounded surrender to US and Filipino soldiers in unidentified city, 1944. Note the American on the right foreground carrying two M1 Garand rifles.

Dennis Aron's mother never talked about the family she left behind in Germany at age 16. As the Nazi persecution of Jews escalated in 1937, her parents used their only travel permit to send her to live with relatives in Chicago.

It is hard to look at photo after photo, but we must! A pile of bodies left to rot in the Bergen-Belsen camp, in Bergen, Germany, found after the camp was liberated by British forces on April 20, 1945. Some 60,000 civilians, most suffering from typhus, typhoid and dysentery, were dying by the hundreds daily, despite the frantic efforts by medical services rushed to the camp.

Polish women soldiers in Gullane | The History Company

WWII London Blitz Diary Episode 6.6 Teaser

Bratislava, Slovakia, Jews with their belongings during deportation. Take what you can carry. Placed in a overcrowded ghetto, deported to death camp and gassed.

Josef Lamzek | Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust

Josef Lamzek | Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust

Judith Friedlander | Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust

Fanny Eilenberg | Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust

1941- Polish soldiers man a motorcycle equipped with a submachine gun during invasion maneuvers in Perthshire, England.

‎1940. U.K. A boy sits amid the ruins of a London bookshop following an air raid on October 8, 1940, reading a book titled “The History of London.”

World War II Blitz - A Diary from 1939-1940

An English girl comforts her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home in 1940.

"Adolf Hitler visits the city of Eshelbronn after an allied bombing raid in 1944. This is a rare image of the Führer reaching out to see with his own eyes the suffering of the German people. As a matter of routine, Hitler did not take to the streets of bombed cities -- not even Berlin's."