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THE trend of this year for me: OVAL NAILS. It doesn't matter what color you put on it will always looks natural and stylish. My tip: nude or white oval nails. Gorgeous!!!!

TMA Nails: Update on Almond Nails | The Monroe Affair

Nude nails

Angel Sanchez: This oval French manicure was perfectly pink. CND manicurist Shelena Robinson mixed over four different colors to create the two pink shades for the Angel Sanchez runway. Photo courtesy of CND

Digging the oval/almond shape nails for this fall!

Light blue nails oval shape

I love this nail shape! Square, squoval, oval...almond is my favorite

Round Nails so much more natural then square! And they make your fingers look longer (better if you have chubby fat fingers like me)

Pink almond shape nails. I'm kind of liking this shape. Currently trying to grow out my square tipped nubs...

Light pink nail polish 🎀