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Conflict of Pinterest: When you have other things to do, but you can't drag your ass off the computer. (by

Someone get her a Happy Meal!

Someone get her a Happy Meal!

The Highlight Of His Life

The Highlight Of His Life

Ellen Degeneres deserves some kind of amazing award. She made Kristen Stewart smile. She is a miracle worker.

Funny Ellen Degeneres Quotes - 25 Pics

"... and then I said, oh no she didn't..."

Minick & Simpson: Hello!!??

Seriously I've been telling my parents that there should be a "children's" day for my whole life and there is one!

Son and daughter day is forgotten / iFunny :)

For a couple of years this kid's parents will be able to keep him line by threatening to take him back to the dino park!

There is always a what not to do ;)

Do me a favor. I couldn\t think of anything to write so please pretend that you\re reading something really touching

In Need of a Laugh...... - Cottage in the Oaks

Adorable Pun Illustrations - Food, Object or Animal by Jaco Haasbroek are Innocently Clever (GALLERY)

Adorable Pun Illustrations

Seriously too funny.. 31 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

31 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

true story... @Leslie Lippi Reavis @Paige Hereford Robison @Natasha S Tatum Sayers @shelby c c James @Megan Ward Tiff @Blake Coglianese Heacock @Sara Jamil Atkinson

Raige Creations: October 2013

Whoever's parents these you can hear more embarrassing stories about them.

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

Lmao! Happy Easter! Those poor poor kids..

World's Best Flyers Making Fun Of Other Flyers | Happy Place

That moment when. you even KNOW how many times this has happened? I have ended up meeting so many people this way though. :) #OhSnap!!

That Moment When

The dentist no cavity club is a must for pediatric dentistry!