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Tips and Tricks for Living with WAS

Using certified 50+UPF clothing allows you and your child to enjoy the great outdoors without risking allergic reactions to potentially toxic chemicals, and keeping those chemicals from being rubbed in your little ones eyes or mouth. Sun sleeves are the answer to those daily battles.

Get a free therapeutic play kit. Comes with a play doll named Igi, a story book, real medical supplies for your child to use on Igi, and a parents' guide to therapeutic play.

Another site with protective helmet options.

Keep dangling central line cords in place.

Cute protective helmets for babies and toddlers.

A lightweight helmet for infants and toddlers.

A good site for finding protective helmets.

Advice for attending school for a child with a bleeding disorder.

Back to School With Hemophilia

For babies learning to walk and active children living with low platelets, helmets area great tool for preventing bruises and hematoma.

Bruise Protection