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Pegboard Ideas

Pegboard ideas for home storage and organization, home decor, and garage storage and organization

A great article by The Sweethome on "The Best Gear for Small Apartments" featuring Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels!

The Best Gear for Small Apartments

Wall Control custom metal pegboard used in an awesome garage build-out by our friends, and European Wall Control Distributor, TRM Garage in France.

Wall Control metal pegboard and slotted tool board accessories being put to work here in this very nice woodworking shop.

A high-end custom garage build-out by New Mexico Custom Garage utilizing Wall Control metal pegboard panels.

Wall Control metal pegboard panels are substantial enough to support the weight of items like computer monitors, making them great workplace organizational systems.

A very nice metal pegboard workbench with a lot of Wall Control pegboard accessories.

Wall Control metal pegboard accessories being put to work. One of the great things about Wall Control's pegboard spray can holder is that it accepts Wall Control accessories just like a regular panel so you can store more items in the same amount of wall space.

Wall Control metal pegboard is great at turning wasted space into valuable storage areas! If you have space above your garage doors then we can create a great place to hang coolers and other bulky items that take up valuable floor space.

This customer created a "pegboard door" out of two Wall Control metal pegboards to increase storage area on a wood cabinet.

A nice custom garage build out by TRM Garage in France using some custom Wall Control Black Metal Pegboard Panels.

A REALLY nice workbench with red metal pegboard panels from Wall Control.

A well organized tool workbench with a Wall Control Master Workbench Kit. The red metal pegboards and white accessories with blue bins really make the space pop!

Wall Control pegboard is attractive, heavy-duty, and lasts a lifetime, which is why industries throughout North America and Europe trust the Wall Control pegboard storage system for their Six Sigma, 5S, and lean manufacturing initiatives. Wall Control’s high-strength, modular pegboard panels and versatile slotted hook and shelving systems help reduce wasted time and resources, and standardize processes for both Fortune 500 companies and the mom-and-pop shops on Main Street.

Wall Control Storage Panels turn wasted wall space into functional wall organization. Whether you need more organization in a mud-room, beach closet, or messy garage, Wall Control storage panels and metal pegboard products can get the job done! Thanks for the great customer submission Cindy!

Transforming your garage from four boring walls into an organized place to relax and get some work done is only a few Wall Control metal pegboard panels away!

Wall Control white metal pegboard tool board panels really make a statement on a bland garage wall. Make your garage more functional and much nicer looking by adding some clean, modern Wall Control metal pegboard panels.

Pinned from Pin It for iPhone DIY Metal magnetic pegboard headboard alternative. Endless possibilities for decor and storage: kid art display, Lego display, book shelf, pen holder, journal/sketch pad hanger, book light...whatever his imagination decides!

DIY magnetic metal pegboard headboard. I am excited about all the possibilities for this kid headboard alternative! Art display, book shelf, Lego display, pencil holder, sketch book/journal hook...pretty much anything you can imagine can hang on a hook or stick with a magnet! We may ultimately frame it in some way, but for now I think it looks great as-is.

My metal pegboard jewelry organizer behind the door and utilizing a small wasted space of wall. Now I can see my silver pieces